Building a Jenkins Slave Node

In our environment we use Jenkins CI for doing continuous integration of developer code. Setting up Jenkins server is plenty easy, but getting a node up and running has some road bumps. Here’s the process of getting any Windows7 desktop to perform builds of .NET4 code:

Install Required Build Tools

Once you’ve got all that installed, copy aspnet_merge.exe from C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools to C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\WebDeployment\v10.0\


Create Node in Jenkins

Perform the following tasks from the new Jenkins slave

  1. Log into Jenkins, click Manage Jenkins, Manage Nodes, New Node
  2. Give it a name, and choose Dumb Slave
  3. Set up options for you new slave
    1. Description: optional
    2. # of executors: number of processors on the slave
    3. Remote FS Root: where Jenkins will store data (try to use a second drive/partition so you don’t accidentally fill up the boot partition.
    4. Labels: separate labels with spaces, useful for designating what projects can be compiled on each system – ex. “.NET4” “Java”, or for grouping systems. Jobs can be configured to use only nodes with appropriate labels.
    5. Usage: whatever you prefer
    6. Launch Method: Launch Slave agents via Java Web Start
    7. Availability: whatever you prefer
  4. Click the name of the slave you just created
  5. Click the Launch button
    1. Accept security warnings to run plugin
    2. A tiny window will pop up that says “Connected”
    3. Click File > Install as a Windows service if you want it to become available on restart.

The system should now appear in Jenkins as an online slave.

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